Fun.  Shouldn’t it be fun? While some events require a reserved, elegant approach – others can be sassy, comedic or commanding – I believe it’s essential to have great material and dialogue to keep an audience entertained, and laughing. Auction attendees are also getting younger. With social media and busy lifestyles, they have shorter attention spans and are looking to be entertained.

I know what to say and when to say it – I know how hard to push and when to ease up, I know how to say things in just the right way to maximize people’s giving instincts – I approach what I do with a serious, yet light-hearted and professional approach.  I’m no comedian – but I get people to laugh, and laughter is truly the universal language, and often the key to people’s hearts.

You can see my entertainment style by checking out my videos here – I keep my videos simple and “true-to-performance”, by not making them too slick or overly produced, this way, you get a more honest representation of who I am and how I entertain and conduct an auction.

I won’t mince words with this, not only do I help raise more money than “traditional” auctioneers, but you and guests will have more fun doing it.

BAS Auctioneer