You want an ambassador – someone who will represent you and your cause and get everyone to jump on board and rally behind you.  Keith Fox goes way beyond just helping you raise funds – he gets people to buy into you, and your organization.  You need your guests to believe in your organization, become passionate, and believe in what you’re doing – this is what cultivates philanthropic giving.

You simply cannot get that from an auctioneer who just shows up the night of your event to “call bids” at your live auction event.  How could you?  Keith Fox gets to know you and your organization during the collaborative process – fully investing in you and your cause.  Your auctioneer needs to understand your mission so that your guests can understand your mission, ultimately, turning attendees into long-term donors.

As you are well aware of, non-profit organizations are always competing for funding. That means we need to work with you to keep YOUR donors focused on YOUR organization. There is now a whole new generation of donors that are looking for more. They want to be part of a giving experience that all of their friends will be talking about and that they can post on social media.

BAS Auctioneer