They say the “devil’s in the details”. No truer words were ever spoken, especially when it comes to fundraising.No organization “wildly exceeds their fundraising expectations” without planning. Keith Fox works with you, and your committee, helping you with a myriad of revenue generating ideas and concepts that will ensure success.

Keith Fox will help you focus on the fundraising components of the benefit auction event, item acquisition, audience development, additional revenue items, contractual agreements, timeline planning, script-writing, public relations, item order, and “Fund-A-Need” planning for maximum emotional impact.  He draws on his years of experience, specialized training, and collaboration with other professional BAS auctioneers across the country.

Successful events don’t just “happen”. They’re carefully planned and professionally executed.  It’s rare that anyone can just “show up” the night of the event and hit a “home run”.  It doesn’t work that way – is that the kind of chance you want to take? Gone are the days an auctioneer can just get up and sell items to the highest bidder.

Remember, it’s not necessarily the money you make at the event – but the money that gets left in the room when you don’t hire a professional BAS auctioneer that offers consultation in the pre-planning process.