What’s the difference? Why do we need you?

FIRST. Trust me when I tell you that there is a HUGE difference between a BENEFIT AUCTIONEER SPECIALIST® and an “auctioneer”. If you’re selling cattle, farm equipment, real estate, having an estate sale, or cars, or you’re having “storage wars”– you need an “auctioneer”.

An “auctioneer’s” job is to move through as many items as possible in the shortest amount of time, that’s what they’re trained to do.

Benefit Auctioneer Specialist’s job is to use skill and finesse in getting the maximum amount of revenue from each item on your live auction list, that’s what we’re trained to do.

I am NOT an “auctioneer”.

Keith Fox has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years, and has real world “in-the-trenches” MC/DJ – acting & improv experience, finely tuned since his beginning in 1986.

Keith Fox

He has been helping countless schools “wildly exceed their
fundraising expectations”, since 2004.

  • Regional winner of the Game Show Networks National “Coast-to-Coast-Search-For-A-Host”
  • Awarded entertainer of the year – twice- for california black angus restaurants.
  • Considered for the offstage announcing at THE Oscars.
  • Former Parents Club President

PLEASE CALL: 1.800.828.9599

As a past parents club president.keith has intimate knowledge of the unique needs of schools and the incredible challenges they face in fundraising. He knows how the “system” works and has first hand knowledge of how to get schools the funds they need.


I won’t mince words with this – Not only do I typically raise more money than traditional auctioneers – but you and your guests will have more fun doing it. Period.

If you’re raising money for a school, organization or cause…any cause – you need me.

That’s what I do…and I am really, really good at it. You’ll understand me and hear me crystal clear, I won’t “auction” at you, and you’ll see very real results.

I specialize in fundraising for schools – because well, I’m the father of a beautiful school-going daughter… but I’m available for just about any charitable organization.

I know what to say and when to say it – I know how hard to push and when to ease up, I know how to say things in just the right way to maximize people’s giving instincts – I approach what I do with a serious, and light-hearted but professional approach….

But make no mistake – I get the job done.

What do I do?

  • I’m the guy that helps put 35 needed new computers in the classroom
  • I’m the guy that helps you get 20 new iPads for the Special Education department
  • I’m the guy that helps you get the funding for the new dialysis machine for your hospital
  • I’m the guy that helps you get you the money for field trips, supplies and needed equipment

I’m no comedian- but I get people to laugh – AND – I get them to rally behind your cause…

But -most of all – I get them to give. And I can do it for you.